Remember with commissions there is nothing to pay unless you are delighted.

Portraits and other Commissions

How to

The process is very simple.

Choose the medium you would like. (Pencil, Charcoal, Tonal, Full colour pastel or Watercolour)

Send me the photo you would like me to work from.

I will then contact you and agree a price and delivery.

I will complete 80 - 90% of the work and send you a photo of the work to date. You may suggest any modifications at this point.

When the work is completed I will send you another photo and if you are delighted with it you arrange payment and once that is received I will post the work to you. Or you may, by prior arrangement, collect it yourself from my studio.

A word about the photograph

The quality of the photo will be reflected in the work I produce. I can only draw what I can see, so the clearer the facial features are the better the work will be.

A great way to take portrait photos is to use what's know as Rembrandt Lighting, where the subject is lit from one side with just a small triangle of light beneath the eye on the dark side. This helps define the contours of the face.

What you get

You will receive a fine art sketch or painting which will be a stunning likeness of the subject but it will also show something more of the character of the person.

It is something that will be treasured for many years to come and will likely become a heirloom and remain in  the family for generations.

Portrait Commission Prices

I am totally flexible, if you have a particular requirement please just ask. I'm more than happy to discuss this with you at any time

Other Prices

Once again I am totally flexible. this is not a production line, my purpose is to delight my clients. So please contact me and let's discuss what you want