About Gary

Currently based near Truro

Working full time as portrait artist in Truro. I have a small studio here but currently looking for a larger one.

Main interests

Visual arts and music, mainly classical and opera.

Other interests

When not at the easel I can be found sailing out of Falmouth

Me, myself and I

Self portrait

The artist as a young man

Self portrait

What the heck happened?

Self portrait

To paraphrase the great J S Sargent, 'Every time I paint myself I lose a friend.'

Some more of me...


As a child I had three great passions. Art, travel and knowledge. I wanted to explore great art, I wanted to explore the world and I wanted to explore and understand everything else.

Now, many years later I can look back and assess how successful I was in these explorations.


When I first read 'Ulysses' by Tennyson in my teens, the poem spoke to me like no other had up to that point. 'To follow knowledge like a sinking star, beyond the utmost bound of human thought'. I thought at the time that such an endeavour would be the most worthwhile thing one could do in life.

I still do.


I sold my first work when I was 14 but then as with so many others, life got in the way. I retired about 5 years ago and returned to painting and sketching. I still sail my yacht when I'm not at the easel.


I have been lucky enough to visit around 70 countries. I have sailed most of the world's oceans and many of its seas, including a circumnavigation.

 As a child I made a list of all the exotic icons I wanted to visit, Table Mountain, Leaning Tower of Pisa, The Corcovada with the Statue of Christ the Redeemer, The Pyramids, The Great Barrier Reef. I managed to get to all of these plus many more.


My passion for art, all art, but in particular paintings and sketches was always with me. I loved mythology and as a young boy loved the paintings portraying the gods and heros, so I loved the paintings of Nicolas Poussin. I was lucky enough to be able to get to the Birmingham Museum and Art gallery on a regular basis in my early teens and fell in love with the fine collection of PRB they have. Such colours and the light emitted from them illuminated the gallery. One by one I explored all the great masters and enjoyed them all. My particular favourite is John Singer Sargent. From intimate portraits to vast canvasses of his landscapes he is truly a master.


Harry Taylor Magic that. Just shown to wife. Her comment was, "that's stunning, what a gift"

Patricia Cattell My husband's words: He's bloody good yer know 

Rosie Curtis Can't find words to describe how lovely that is....you know...just..wow!

Susanjane Hartley Absolutely beautiful, you have caught this little girl so well 👏

Carole Swingler Brilliant portraits Gary.

Barry Hulme Excellent likeness Gary, love the eyes it gives him that steely look.

Willie Drea Nicely caught the expression, super portrait.

Stephen Slater Very good likeness of this famous figure.

Paula Bettam amazing portrait xx

Maureen Sherman Great portrait Gary

Cesare Romano Another great portrait, Gary.

Linda Wilson Excellent work Gary.