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Hello and Welcome

I'm Gary Thompson BA (Hons), I am an artist working and living in Cornwall. If you like art, I hope you find something in my galleries to enjoy.

What is art?

To me, art is anything that triggers within the viewer some feeling of emotion, empathy or deep connection. 

In portraiture art gallery I endeavour to achieve this by showing the emotions experienced by my subjects.

As an artist my aim is to achieve a certain level of subtlety in doing this, because I believe 'art' is a two way street. In some paintings  it is left to the viewer to provide a context and to decide for themselves just what emotion they really see.

In landscapes and buildings I try to achieve this connection by choice of subject. By choosing old, well known landmarks and scenes that people feel connected to. 

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I also accept portrait commissions and am able to work from your photographs.

What you will find here

My Online Galleries

In the galleries you will find a wide range of subject and media including pencil sketches, charcoal drawings, soft pastel and pastel pencil drawings along with a few watercolours.


I find the human face the most interesting of all subjects, I see my task, in addition to producing a close likeness of the subject, is to capture the essence of that person and indeed their thoughts and emotions too.

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Most of my landscapes are centred around old buildings such as chathedrals and churches or the sea with harbours and beaches.

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Animals and Pets

Animals have their own personalities and as with a portrait of a person it is important that this can be seen in any animal study.

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In my opinion there is nothing more beautiful than the human body. They come in all shapes and sizes and all colours, each one as beautiful as the next.

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Some of the paintings in the gallery will be for sale, if they are they will be listed in the shop section along with more details.

I accept commissions for portraits (including pets), favourite landscapes, houses, stables etc. Please review the 'Commissions' page for more details.


About GT

This is me, Gary Thompson.

I sold my first painting at the age of 15 but, as with many people, life then got in the way. I retired from a successful career in engineering about 6 years ago and since then I have returned to my first love, painting and sketching.


I served in both the Royal Navy and Merchant Navy and this allowed me to fulfil my other great passion - travel. I have been fortunate enough to get to know many peoples from all over the world and to experience their art and culture.


My particular passion is the human face. A fine landscape painting may show the grandeur and majesty of a dramatic view but the human face can, literally with the blink of an eye, turn from sorrow to anguish to joy. I have made it my mission to capture not only the likeness of a person but also the personality and the emotions of that person.