I'm Gary, (GT) a portrait artist working near Truro, welcome to my site.

About Me

I have a passion for the human face!

I'm Gary Thompson (GT), portrait artist, I paint and sketch fine art pastel portraits and sketches from photos at my studio near Truro, Cornwall. All work is done by Gary Thompson BA(Hons), GT Art Portraits.

Recently I have rediscovered my love of sketching with the simple pencil. I believe the pencil portrait can show the full intricacy of the face with the thoughts and emotions that lie within like no other medium.

The photos I can work from may be new or old, colour or B&W, even very old B&W. Formal poses or even action shots are ok, just as long as the facial details are clear. I have successfully worked from Victorian photos.

Do you have a favourite photo?

Imagine it as a unique work of art, hanging in pride of place in your home or office.

Let me create this legacy for you.

You give me the photograph and I will give you something that will be treasured and cherished forever!

Commissions - How I work

What I do

I paint and sketch portraits mainly working from photos. These can be new or old, colour or B&W, even very old B&W. Formal poses or even action shots are ok, just as long as the facial details are clear. I have successfully worked from Victorian photos.

How it works

You decide which medium, full colour, pastel pencil or graphite pencil. Get in touch with me by phone or email and we can discuss your requirements. Send me the photo and then we can finalise the best option  for you and I will give you a price and delivery date.

I want to deliver total satisfaction, there really is no point or need for you to end up with a portrait that you don't like. If, for any reason, you decide you don't like the finished portrait then you are able to walk away at any time and there will be no charge.

What you get

Whether you decide to go for full colour or pencil sketch portrait what you will get is an exceptional likeness that will also capture the personality, the very essence of the subject.

As I like to say, the likeness is included in the price, the personality comes free.


I have developed a style that strikes the right balance between creating a great work of art and getting the close likeness, that in the real world, most people want. As Samuel Johnson put it, ‘I had rather see the portrait of a dog that I know, than all the allegorical paintings they can show me in the world.’

I don't specialise, my fascination is with the human face be it old or young, male or female. each new portrait to me is like discovering a new land a 'terra incognita'. 

The Photograph

The quality of the photograph I will work from will decide to a great extent the quality of the finished portrait. The more detail I can see from the photo the more detail I can add to the portrait. I can however work from all but very poor photographs but would generally recommend that for the poorest quality a pencil portrait.

For full colour I need a good quality photo. If you have a professionally taken photo than that would probably be ideal. If not then I have a portable photo studio with lighting which I can quickly set up in any location convenient to you.

Why a painted portrait?

A photo captures a moment in time but a portrait preserves the very same moment but also something more of that person is instilled into the portrait. Something of the personality, something often indefinable, the very essence that makes that person unique.

Unlike a photo a painted portrait is a unique work of art, something to cherish and will be treasured forever.

What I do

Pencil portrait sketches

Close likeness and great detail show how thoughts can be expressed.

Tonal Pencil Portrait Sketches

Close likeness, intimacy and great personality.

Full colour pastel portraits

Beautiful impressive art

New - (by popular demand) - Pets in full colour

Just give me the photo and I'll capture the personality

A lasting tribute

A painting will be loved forever

If you are not happy with the likeness there is nothing to pay

Also pencil sketches of pets

Your pet's typical repose?

Faithful companion

Nothing to pay until you have seen the painting and are completely happy with it.

Pencil Portrait Commissions

I can combine faces from different photos into one portrait

Tonal Pastel Pencil Commissions

In art, there is no need for colour; I see only light and shade. Give me a crayon, and I will paint your portrait. Francisco Goya

For other combination please enquire

Contact me

Email, call or drop me a line, I'm always ready to discuss your needs

Give me a call 01872 573122

If I'm working at the easel please leave a message and I will return your call.

GT Art Portraits

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Visits to my studio are by invitation only

Email at anytime or call anytime before 8 o'clock in the evening